Facial Correctors

So many of you are probably wondering, what are the odd color correctors are for.  Here is a little break down on how you can use them to balance out any problem areas in your face :). Yellow-cancels any reddish and, blue and purple  (ex: pimples, blue/purple under eye circles)

Peach-cancels blue/purple (ex: under eye circles).  I mostly use it for under eye circles on medium skin tones.  However, sometimes I also blend it in the cheek area to liven up cool/fair skin

Green-cancels red (ex: covering redness and pimples) on the skin

orange-cancels purple blue (ex: extreme under eye darkness)

lavender-cancels yellow (ex: great for covering up bruising and skintones that have too much gold in it)

pink-cancels green (ex: greeninsh facial vains and bruising)


Till next time :).