Dealing with combination, sensitive acne prone skin.

I have been searching for a good skin care line for my fussy skin (combination, acne prone and sensitive!), and a friend of mine suggested a name: Mario Bodescue.  I decided to go to his website, and see what they are all about. Their detailed information about the products and skin analysis was very helpful to pick the right regiment for me, however I was still skeptical to commit.  Well a week later I received a package with samples of complete skincare line specifically designed for me (just because I filled out the survey).  I have been using it for about a week and a half and I absolutely love it!  My skin looks great, breakouts began to get smallers, acne scars are slowly fading and the dry patches went away.  Here is what I have been using :). Mario Bodescue:

Enzyme Cleansing Gel

Special Cucumber Lotion

Strawberry Scrub (2x per week)

Drying Cream (on pimple spots)

Collagen Moisturizer

Soothing and Healing Mask (once a week)


I hope that helps to you all struggling with the same issue :).