Floral Fun by Richard Windslow

I recently got an opportunity to work with 3 amazing people: the one and only Richard Windslow (photography), Samuel Ng (styling), and Nasreen Ameri (modeling).  Few hours of creative collaboration and voila! Here are the results:  

nasreen11 nasreen21 nasreen31 nasreen41 nasreen51 nasreen61 nasreen71 nasreen81 nasreen91 nasreen101 pola11 pola21 pola31

As you see there are  few repeating themes for this season: cat eye, "the natural look", and bold lip.  One of my absolute favorites is two tone lips!. All you do is take two colored lip sticks, do the top with one, then do the bottom with the other, pucker up your lips and done! You get ombre lips :).