Skin care secrets from your pantry

I wanted to share with you guys some great beauty products that you can find in your pantry!  All of these items have been personally tested :). Baking Soda

  1. Baking soda has wonderful cleansing properties, and you can use it in a variety of ways:

a) Adding baking soda to your moisturizer makes a wonderful scrub that gets rid of black heads and heals mild blemishes;

b) Adding a tablespoon of baking soda to the 8oz glass of warm waters makes it into a refreshing tonic.  Rinse your face with it, let it dry and apply moisturizer.  This solution stops skin from peeling and clears out all the impurities. (caution: don't use it for sun burn);

c) Put 1.5 cup of baking soda into your bath tub water and soak for 20 min.  This will get rid of any blemishes on your body :).

Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub

  1. I must admit that I love this so much that my friends began to call me "BSH" for brown sugar and honey :).  Take a cup of brown sugar, 3 tablespoons of honey and a little bit of water.  Apply it to your face and body, and leave for 20 min.  Rinse yourself off and bam!  This will help bring the moisture back to your skin.  Healing properties of brown sugar and honey will give you a naturally healthy glow :)

Coffee Grounds

  1. After a long night out, the fresh brewed coffee makes wonders for your skin!  Just take a handful of freshly brewed coffee grounds and gently scrub your face with it.  Then put your moisturizer on, and you are all set.  The caffeine in the grounds will help refresh your skin and reduce any puffiness.

That's all for today :).