The Forester

Be free Alice!  As some of you knows, I am absolutely obsessed with Free People Clothing Brand, so when the opportunity to do something along the lines of such brand, I jumped right on it.  The final images represent the creative vision of a Creative Director and Producer Ella Swenson and her team. 

Title: The Forester

Creative Director: Ella Swenson

Photographer: Jeremy Hayes

Cinematography: Phil Campbell

Creative Producer: Philip Rheinecker 

Set Design: Grant Walsh

Hair: Erin Graham

Make up: Kasha Rodig

Model: Alice Stewart

Asian Beauty

Hey guys!  So I'm finally catching up on posting the shoots from last year.  This one was a beautiful glam collaboration with 3 wonderful ladies.  Special thanks to La Elegancia Dress Company for gorgeous gowns.  Let me knows what you guys think :).  

Photography: Liz Franco Photography

Model: Janet


Hair by: Unwana Rose

The Dark Raven

Hey Gang!

I'm so sorry for being MIA for so long, 2015 was quite a year!  I am extremely thankful for all your support, and for universe sending over more projects that I've dreamt of.  I was fortunate to work with beautiful brides, famous actors, a special dog named Morgan and many more.  I truly felt the power of Chicago makeup artist community.  A community where artist support one another, laugh and cry together, and come together to help artist in need.  The Chicago photographers that care beyond what you do, but want to know who you are.  As  a celebration of my first blog of 2016, I wanted to share this beautiful editorial by Dana Marie Brown with model Danielle Maddox.  Love working with both of the ladies every time, and I think this shows in the photos.  Let me know what you think :). 



Aquatic Simplicity

"I Was the Sea" Editorial for The Style Studio
Styling / Adriana Gaspar
MUA + Hair / Kasia Rodig
Model / Moody at Factor Women

Hello Ladies and Gents!

First of all I wanted to apologize for apologize for my long absence from the blog.  My time has been filled with multiple projects and planning the wedding on my own.  Two more months guys!


What I wanted to share with you today is a gorgeous editorial I had an opportunity to work on with Cassie Scott Photography.  Inspiration for this story came from the sea and was executed with a minimalistic approach.  Let me know what you think!




“I don’t care what you think about me.”
”I don’t think about you at all”

Coco Chanel

The famous words of Coco Chanel really resonated with me, when I was looking through the images of Kelsey shot by John Ng.  The photographs I am going to show you depict a woman who knows what she wants, and is who she wants every single day.  Enjoy!

Valentines Day Is Coming! Part 2

Welcome back guys.  So today's look is for my ladies who like a bit more drama in their makeup.  

Once again thank you Matt Kosterman ( for taking these beautiful photos of Alexandria Odekirk.  Here we go!


1.  Please follow the directions from part one on foundation and concealer. 

2.  I started the eyes with Urban Decay Primer.  I placed the dark gray eyeshadow from the Viseart Matte Basics Palette on the outer corners of Alexandria's eyes with a flat eyeshadow brush. I blended the eyeshadow inwards towards here nose about 3/4 way (both upper and lower eyelid).  Next, I layered black eyeshadow from the same palette in outer corners of the eye slightly below the line where the gray eyeshadow blending ends (then repeated the blending process).   I placed gold eyeshadow from Inglot on inside corners and extending it slightly on the upper and lower lid.  I lined the eyes with Loreal Gel Liner in black (both upper and lower) and created a wing on top.  I finished off the eyes with strip eyelashes and a coat of mascara.

3.  The cheeks were done with a warm medium toned bronzer.

4.  For the lips I mixed MAC Amorous with a touch of bronze.

5. I finished the look off with some Benye translucent powder.  


Have fun!



Valentine's Day is coming! Part 1

Hi Ladies and Gents!  

 Valentine's day is absolutely my favorite holiday, so as a way to show my love, I wanted to share some Valentine's Day makeup looks.  Weather you are a makeup minimalist, or glamorous maven, I hope you will find some of these helpful.  I will be posting one look every day leading up to Valentines Day.  Enjoy!

Thank you Matt Kosterman (  for taking these beautiful pictures, and Alexandria Odekirk for being my muse for the day.  So here we go!

Makeup Look 1-natural/minimal makeup

Lately I have been absolutely obsessed peach.   Peach is lovely for brightening up the skin making it appear more radiant and youthful.  It is also a wonderful complement to all the eye colors (especially green).  As you see here:

So you are probably wondering where to start right about now.  Here is what I did:

1.  Alexandria has gorgeous freckles, so I used MAC Face and Body in C1 for her foundation applying it with a beauty blender.  

2. I used the Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream Palette in N1 to conceal her under-eyes, and redness on top of her nose.  

3.  I started the eye with rimming it with Urban Decay Naked 3 in Trick, and then applied MAC All That Glitters all over the upper lid and tightly on the lower lid.  I finished the eye off with blending in Viseart reddish brown eyeshadow (from the Neutral Matte Palette) into the crease and a coat of Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.  

4.  Cheeks are done with Kevyn Aucoin powder blush in Dolline.

5.  The lips were lined with Urban Decay Lips Liner in Nude and Lipstick was Viseart Lip Palette in nudes #6 and #11 (Starting at the top let, and ending at the bottom right.  for reference see   

I hope that helps!





Weddings Wedding Weddings

If you ladies ever need dream of looking like a #bride from a  #pintrest board?  Are you in a search of a #weddingdress that is both comfortable and stunning.   Here is a #weddingdesigner that marries both comfort and elegance.  

Designer and Photography: Amanda Archer

model: Jennie Carroll

HMUA: me 

Chicago Symphony Orchestra 125th Season

As Chicago Symphony Orchestra enters its 125th Season, I wanted to share a project that is true to my heart.  I, along side of photographer Todd Rosenberg, fellow hair stylists Chelsea Blair and Nora Hess, assistants Mike Rosenberg and Ben Rodig, the CSO creative department and its talented musicians fought weather, traffic, and other obstacles in order for this project to come to life.  Four months and several locations in Chicago, I present you with a poster representing the hard work of a team that I grew to love.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity for something so very special.  Also, for all of you who are reading this: GO SEE Chicago Symphony Orchestra, it is truly a beautiful experience!

For a full version, please go to  

What a treat! I get to work with Willow Again! :)

Hey Guys

Here is a head shot session that I've done back in December with lovely Willow Star and Jonjie Baniel.  This is the first time I officially used my new Kett Fix Cream Foundations, and I love it!  Thank you Brian Sutherby and Jackie Van Riet of Muse Beauty Pro for introducing me to this wonderful product!

Secret Portrait of Two Dancers

Hey Guys,

So few weeks ago, Ben and I got together with two lovely dancers Paige Fraser and Marissa Horton.  Here is the result of few hour jamming session with amazingly talented team.

In terms of makeup, I've used a combination of Temptu Airbrush foundation and highlighter, Viseart palettes for eyes and lips, and Nars for cheeks. 

Keep clicking on the image to see the rest :)

Fall Shoot out with Liz Franco Photography

Few Sundays ago, I was lucky to be a part of an amazing event organized by talented Liz Franco Photography.  It was a collaboration of roughly 16 photographers and 4 models and 2 looks.  All the styling was done by Liz (@lizfrancophotographer), and the beautiful pieces were done by @abbybellacouture.  These particular images were send over to me from @skaiste_vingilys and @lizfrancophotographer so check back to see more. 

models: @irynakindilevych, Natali Dykun and her husband Alex, @giavanna_rudess

location: Los Cuatro Caminos Ranch


Male Grooming

This past summer I had a pleasure to work with an extremely talented fashion photographer Clay Boutte and two lovely young gentlemen Tyler and Nik Schuepbach of Chosen Model Management and Tyler Shaw of Ignite Models.  Here are some of the shots:


(keep clicking on the images to view full gallery :)

and Tyler

KindHearted Bride

This past October, I had a pleasure to work with with stunning and kind hearted bride Luisa and her warm wedding party.  We used Temptu airbrush system for her complexion, Viseart bridal palette for her eyes, and bobby brown lipstick for her lips.  The side bun worn by her beautiful maid of honor was also done by me :).  Please click on the image below to see me. 

photography by Liz Lui Photography.




Hogan's Gowns in the eye of Ben Rodig

This beautiful shoot happened few months back, however I felt like its dark charm and elegance should see the light of day.  The stunning gowns designed by Hogan McLaughlin ( were worn by beautiful Andrea Bush.  The photography was done by Ben Rodig (  My makeup inspiration here is of a dark, powerful vampire woman.  Enjoy!